Chris Brown Shares First Photo of Daughter on Instagram

By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


Chris Brown is now ready to let the world in on his life as a father!  It’s been a month since the news surfaced that Chris had fathered a child with another woman while he was dating Karrueche. 

And while Karrueche confirmed the news of Chris’ paternity and infidelity on social media last month, he remained quiet. 

Until now. 

On Thursday, April 16, Chris Brown took to Instagram to share the first photo of his nine-month -old daughter Royalty with the world. 

Chris captioned the photo with a loving message to his daughter who he describes as his twin. 

He wrote, “God has blessed me with my twin. #ROYALTY.” 

He later added another photo of his daughter and posted a crown emoji. 

Check out the photos here:

Sources claim that despite the controversy surrounding his infidelity and tension with Karrueche, Chris is ecstatic to be a father.  

Now that he is responsible for another life, Chris plans to get his act together and be the best role model he can be for his baby girl Royalty.

In a photo he posted earlier this week, Chris wrote a long message about changing his ways and mentality for the betterment of his family. 

Check out that photo here:

It seems that being a father has really matured Chris so we are hoping that he sticks to this path of self growth. 

So far, it is unclear whether Karrueche will join him on his transformation journey. 

Do you think that being a father will change Chris for the better? Sound off below!