Kim Kardashian is too ‘Pornographic’ for Jewish Israeli Website

By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


Kim Kardashian has been posting Instagram pictures of Jerusalem to share her excitement  about her trip with her fans.

However, the people of Jerusalem are not as pleased with her.  An Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Jewish website, Kikar HaShabbat blurred out Kim’s face in a picture that was posted of Kim and Kanye’s Jerusalem. 

The website’s editor Nissim Ben Haim later spoke out on the decision to omit Kim’s face from the photo. Nassim explained that Kim’s overtly sexual and “pornographic” image is too risqué for the site and it is Jewish tradition to blur the faces of women in pictures as a form of modesty. 

In addition to blurring out her photo, the site also avoided writing Kim’s full name in the article. Instead, they referred to her as Kanye West’s wife. 

So far, Kim has not spoken out about Nissim’s comments on her pornographic image and we’re glad she’s keeping quiet.

After all, it is important to respect the traditions of other cultures and religions despite its contrast to your own personal beliefs.

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