Chris Brown and Rihanna ‘Put it Up’ Song Leaks

By  Anny Jules            By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules           By Getty Images  


A song that Chris Brown and Rihanna recorded years ago has been leaked online and is creating a frenzy among social media users. 

The leaked song is called “Put it Up” and it was recorded years ago when Chris Brown and Rihanna were still together.

The song was originally intended to be featured on Chris’ 2014 album, X, but Rihanna allegedly stopped the song from appearing on the album. 

It’s not clear who leaked the song, but fans have flocked to Twitter to urge Chris Brown and Rihanna to reconcile and get back together. 

“Put it Up” is a love song about working it out despite mistakes made in the relationship.” 

Here are some of the lyrics: 

“Baby ain’t no need to be scared of me, I guarantee that I’m not a mistake, I’ma give you all of my love and I hope that you won’t misplace it./You created this s**t, going insane with all this fear./ Can’t turn my back on it, I’m in love.“I’ma write my name with my tongue on your back, baby.” 

So far, neither Chris or Rihanna have responded to the frenzy over the leaked track.  

But given Chris’ new busy schedule as a father, we’re pretty sure Chris won’t be commenting on the song anytime soon. As for Rihanna, well, it seems like she’s completely over Chris. 

Sorry guys, but it doesn’t look like these two will be getting back together. 

Listen to “Put it Up” here:

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