Janet Jackson Responds to her Missing Persons Report

 By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


A humorous missing persons report of Janet Jackson has been floating around Twitter in attempt to sway her back into the music scene. 

Part of the missing report reads “If you have any information about Janet Jackson and her return to the music industry, contact Twitter user and Janfam member @myvelvetrope .”

The report concludes with a message begging Janet to make a comeback. 

"Seriously Janet, where the hell are you? We NEED you back. We miss you. Your fans miss you. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY NEEDS YOU,” it concludes. 

Check out the missing persons report here:  


Janet later responded to the report with a brief message writing, “LOL. Too funny, too sweet” though she did not say when she would return to music. 

For a while now, Janet Jackson has been keeping a low profile. She was last seen out in public at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience Gala Dinner in October 2014. Her last studio album, “Discipline” was released in 2008, and she’s only tweeted twice this year. 

There’s been no word yet on whether Janet plans to make more music, but based on her fans’ desperate cries, it seems like Janet may have no choice but give her fans what they want. 

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