’19 Kids And Counting’ Recap: Duggars Throw Josh & Anna Gender Reveal Party

By  Madison Jaye                                                                                   Photo 

By Madison Jaye                                                                                 Photo 

On tonight’s ’19 Kids & Counting’, it was all about Josh & Anna’s fourth baby. With the help of Sierra, the Duggars throw the couple a gender reveal party — with flamingos!

On the May 12 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, we finally find out what the gender is of Josh &Anna Duggar‘s fourth baby. Sierra steps up to yet again, to host the big family event for the Duggars.

’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Josh & Anna Spend A Weekend Alone In California

With a fourth baby on the way, Josh and Anna decide to spend quality time together without all of the kids. The plan a weekend getaway in California and ask Michelle and Jim Bob to watch their three little ones. They fly to Arkansas to drop off their three kids, at the Duggar household, and then off they went to Cali.

Their first day, they decide to head to the beach and boardwalk at the pier. Josh somehow gets Anna to face her fears, and get on a ferris wheel. Luckily, she wound up not having a meltdown. After they went head to head on a boardwalk game and Josh wound up winning a giant bear. Just before they headed out, Josh decided to partake in a fun activity — a flying trapeze. He gets strapped into a harness and climbs up the latter. He had no issue swinging on the bar with his hands, but he couldn’t quite gain the strength to wrap his legs around the bar. After multiple tries, he finally was successful.

Before their trip ended, Josh and Anna decide to pay a visit to the Angels Way — a special home for mothers. They sat with the residents and the director to learn more about the organization. It’s great that even on their trip, they took the time out to do charity.

Sierra was more than thrilled to throw Anna a gender reveal party. Right away she went to work planning and buying all sorts of party supplies. She enlisted the help of all the Duggar children and divided up the tasks. Her favorite party supplies just so happened to be 200 pink flamingos. Why? Well, she bought them for a little thing she called “flocking the yard” — which was a first for the Duggars. She asked the boys to take 100 of the pink ones and paint them blue, which wound up turning into a giant mess. At first they were careful, but little Mikey wound up being covered head-to-toe in paint


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