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By Madison Jaye                                                                                                      Photo Getty Photos 

Wrong, wrong, wrong. ‘Game of Thrones’ book fans, are you furious? George RR Martin, are you reeling with indignation? The TV show has veered repeatedly way off the real story this season — but this deviation gives us a totally disappointing Daenerys .

When Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) gathered the heads of the most powerful families in Meereen in retaliation for a deathly attack by the Sons of the Harpy, it wasn’t a surprise. That made sense, and it was exactly what she did in the GoT books.

But unleashing her dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion, to burn one of her captors alive and then having them dine on him in front of her other prisoners, was a completely made-up-for-TV moment.

This season of GoT, more than any other, has ridden way off the ranch from the books — Little Finger delivering Sansa Stark to marry sadistic Ramsay Bolton, Brienne coming face to face with both Sansa and Arya, Jamie infiltrating Dorne,Margery having sex with Tommen — but this new Dany move really had me infuriated.

It’s bad enough that smart advisor Ser Barristanhas been killed off in an untimely death, now the show was turned Daenerys into a vicious killer who gives her “babies” a bigger appetite for human flesh. The reason that Dany had such promise as a ruler as well as a leader was that she wasn’t gratuitously cruel.


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