Legendary Lano The Scammer!


          A couple hundred k Instagram followers, dope customized pieces and a New York Times article that would convince you that the business is 100% legit. Delano Brown also known as the "ARTrepreneur" , owner of Lano For Public is known through out Instagram and the industry for customizing designer pieces and his amazing paintings. 

          You see the customized Birkin bag  and Timberlands online and you tell yourself you have to have it. You make a purchase on Lanforpublic.com and  it then says your order will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks.Your initial reaction is that seems like a long time to process the order but you figure with Delano's popularity he must be super busy so you finalize the order anyways and tell yourself "Quality over Quantity". A few months pass and you still never receive your order, you begin emailing Delano complaining that this is ridiculous and yet you still receive no response. You search his Instagram name and you realize that his page has been deleted. You visit Lanoforpublic.com and realize he is no longer taking orders for customized pieces. You type in the tag #Lanoforpublic and see hundreds of others complaining that they have also been scammed by Delano Brown. 

                         Some say that Delano became overwhelmed with the amount of orders he received and decided to call it quits without refunding anyone their money. While others say that Delano has been a professional scammer since credit card swipes with amazing marketing capabilities.Whichever it may be is still totally wrong and we need to take a stand and make sure no one else gets scammed by the "ARTrepreneur".