[NEW] The Madison Jaye Show exclusive ! Tracy G from Sway in the Morning , and The "Sisters in Spirit Panel" Listen, Learn, BE INSPIRED !!!

Tracy G of " is more than a journalist, she is a vessel of God who's spirituality has lead her to major success, not only does she co-host on Sirius XM "Sway in The Morning" but she a fitness guru in the making, who has dedicated her purpose to helping others find theres.

"She is Beauty in the Beast" is her second installment of her audio vision boards. She believes that Physical wellness is a centerpiece since you know, warmer weather equals lesser clothes.

"Getting our personal aesthetics to our personal liking, is usually the goal, but that's just the surface. What we tell ourselves on the journey from want to get, is what makes the difference." - Tracy G

"Mindset is the fuel and #ShesBeautyAndTheBeast is the gas station."

Listen below to our conversations about her audio vision boards, spirituality and channeling your inner self !You might want to grave a pen, not only will this conversation open your mindset but it will change your life!

listen to Tracy's audio vision boards here: 

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