Jordin Sparks Confirms her Relationship with Sage the Gemini

By  Anny Jules          By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules         By Getty Images  


For months now, there has been a lot of speculati on as to whether Jordin Sparks has moved on from Jason Derulo to Sage the Gemini. 

Both Jordin and Sage have been playing coy about their rumored romance but have continued to post Instagram photos of each other to fuel the speculation. 

However, now it appears that Jordin is over being shy about liking Sage and is ready to tell the world. 

Jordin recently confirmed her relationship with Sage to People magazine and described her new beau as a “really good guy.” 

"I think they're pretty obvious," Jordin said in reference to the Instagram photos she has posted of Sage. "We're having fun. He's a really good guy, and the pictures speak for themselves … I don't just kiss people!" 

Things are apparently so good between Jordin and Sage that she even has a nickname for the rapper that was inspired by the movie “Big Hero 6.”

On Monday, May 11, Jordin posted an Instagram photo of herself kissing Sage and hash tagged the nickname #baemaxx which apparently means he’s her bae to the max. 

When asked to explain the premise behind the nickname, Jordin told People, "Well, you know, Big Hero 6, the big guy was [named] Baymax. We watched that two weeks ago … and I was like, 'I love the name Baymax,' [Sage] was like, 'I'm your bae to the max,' and I was like, 'That's your nickname!' "

We wish Jordin and Sage the best of luck and we hope that things work out between them. But Jordin, don’t give the world too much of your relationship like you did with Jason [Derulo.] 

Try a different approach this time and focus on building something privately between you and Sage rather than showing off everything on Instagram. 

We’re rooting for you two!

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