Kendall and Kylie Jenner Booed at 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Kanye West Censored

 By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


Kendall and Kylie Jenner appeared as presenters at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. 

The sisters appeared onstage decked out in full Balmain attire to present their brother-in-law Kanye West’s performance. 

And though Kendall and Kylie appeared happy to introduce Kanye to the stage, the BBMAs crowd was not as pleased. 

While introducing Kanye, the BBMAs crowd booed Kendall and Kylie. 


It is unclear why the sisters were booed, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for stirring up continuous controversy so there could be a multitude of reasons why fans were not excited to see them. 

Either way, Kendall and Kylie tried not to let the booing phase them and continued on with their introduction. 

"It's an honor to introduce this great artist: A friend, an inspiration, a brother and now, a doctor," Kylie said, with Kendall adding, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kanye West!”

Check out Kendall and Kylie’s booed introduction here:

To make matters worse, Kanye delivered a lackluster performance of his hits “All Day” and “Black Skinhead.” 

Kanye failed to omit the curse words from his songs which forced Billboard producers to quickly intervene and censor more than half of Kanye’s performance. 

In addition to not hearing Kanye rap, viewers watching the BBMAs at home also had the displeasure of not seeing Kanye on stage being he was overshadowed by the pyrotechnics and smoke used during his performance. 

Thankfully, Kanye was not booed but we’ve seen better from the newly named doctor. 

What are your thoughts on Kendall and Kylie’s booed introduction at the BBMAs and Kanye’s censored performance? Sound off below!