“A$AP Rocky Releases Track Listing for Upcoming Album”

By  Yumia Hobbs       By  Getty Images   

By Yumia Hobbs      By Getty Images  


After much anticipation by A$AP Rocky fans upon learning that he would be dropping a new album, Rocky finally released the track-listing for his third album, “A.L.L.A.” The track-listing is very feature heavy with contributions from the likes of Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Future, James Fauntelroy, and more. You can check it out below:

1. Holy Ghost (Feat. Joe Fox) 
2. Canal St. (Feat. Bones) 
3. Fine Whine (Feat. M.I.A., Future & Joe Fox) 
4. L$D 
5. Excuse Me 
6. JD 
7. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 
8. Electric Body (Feat. Schoolboy Q) 
9. Jukebox Joints (Feat. Kanye West & Joe Fox) 
10. Max B (Feat. Joe Fox) 
11. Pharsyde (Feat. Joe Fox) 
12. Wavybone (Feat. Juicy J & UGK) 
13. Westside Highway (Feat. James Fauntleroy) 
14. Better Things 
15. M’$ (Feat. Lil’ Wayne) 
16. Dreams (interlude) 
17. Everyday (Feat. Rod Stewart & Miguel) 
18. Back Home (Feat. Mos Def, Acyde & Yams)

A.L.L.A. is set to release on June 2nd.