Sam Smith Recovering Well From Vocal Chord Surgery

By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images


Sam Smith had a silent acceptance speech and held up cue cards to help him communicate during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. 

The “Stay With Me” singer recently underwent surgery to his vocal chords which have been failing him for quite some time. 

Though Sam Smith is required not to speak during his month-long recovery process, his vocal surgeon Dr. Steven Zeitels has been doing a number of press interviews to update Sam’s fans on what’s been going on with him and when he is expected to fully recover. 

Dr. Steven Zeitels , who is a vocal surgeon to many A-List singers such as Adele, Steven Tyler, and Lionel Richie, revealed that Sam Smith suffered from a severe vocal chord hemorrhage that continued to get worse due to his complex touring schedules and long press days. 

“What happens is that they have very complex touring schedules, singing at night and doing media interviews all day long and then they get a little dehydrated or get a mild cold or allergies,” Dr. Zeitels explained, adding, “If you or I get something like that we don’t do anything, we go about our business. But the collision forces on vocal cords are the greatest in the human body… nothing pounds together like them.”

In order to fix Sam’s vocal chord hemorrhage, Dr. Zeitels used his own custom made laser to prevent further bleeding to Sam’s vocal chords. 

Now Sam is required to stay silent and will be able to sing and speak again in about a month. 

So how has Sam been communicating with people in the meantime? 

Well, Sam is reportedly using a female voice app to speak to his family friends. He recently downloaded the app to his phone and it has been working as a substitute for his actual voice. 

Sam is predicted to fully recover by the beginning of July. 

Get well soon Sam!