Jagged Edge Singer Kyle Norman Marries Fiancee Following Domestic Violence Issues

By  Anny Jules      By  Getty Images  


Kyle Norman, a member of the R&B group Jagged Edge, recently made it official and tied the knot with his fiancee Marrika Maria following reports of domestic violence in their relationship. 

Back in January, Kyle was arrested on aggravated assault charges. The arrest followed Kyle’s attempt to  suffocate Marrika by shoving her wedding ring down her throat. 

Naturally, Marrika suffered from several injuries and had to undergo many surgeries, but that surprisingly did not deter her from marrying Kyle. 

Now that she is recovering well from her surgeries and injuries, Marrika made the decision to marry Kylie in an impromptu ceremony that took place at the Suite Food Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Sources claim that the ceremony was very intimate and consisted of a small group of their close family and friends. 

Since the wedding, both Kyle and Marrika have spoken to the media to further discuss their decision to get hitched despite the presence of domestic violence in their relationship. 

Though the couple seems to have gotten their happily ever after, Marrika, who is in the process of writing a book for battered woman, says that she is still suffering from the physical pain and trauma brought on by Kyle’s physical abuse. 

“I will admit, I am in a lot of pain every day, physically. I am on several different pain medications which keep me up,” she said.“I am not able to get more than three hours of sleep. I’m attending counseling three times per week and I know in my heart that God will help me get through this. I’m blessed to be alive and still have the love and support of my family.”

Norman also spoke out about his past troubles with Maria and claims that he  has gone to counseling, put an end to his substance abuse, and is ultimately a changed man. 

“Fellas, we as men have a problem with our apologies. If you make a mistake, own up to it and man up! That’s what I had to do to get my queen back,” he said. 

He continued, “ I don’t drink or do drugs anymore and I have changed my entire way of living and thinking. It’s never too late to change. I am just happy she has given me this opportunity to spend the rest of my life with her showing her how much I really do love her.”

Though Marrika is fully entitled to  her decision, her past history with Kyle does raise several red flags. Ladies, the person you choose to be with should never put their hands on you under any circumstances. Remember, love doesn’t hurt. 

We truly wish Kyle and Marrika a healthy and successful union this time around and hopefully Kyle has learned his lesson. 

What are your thoughts on Marrika’s decision to get back together with Kyle after he physically abused her? Sound off below!