Lil Wayne/ Young Thug Beef Continues

 By  Yumia Hobbs        By  Getty Images   

By Yumia Hobbs       By Getty Images  


Ever since rapper Young Thug announced that he would be continuing Lil’ Wayne’s “Carter” album series by calling his new album “Carter 6,” there has been a whirlwind of beef between him, Lil Wayne, and Birdman. For years Lil Wayne and Birdman have been known as a dynamic “father-on” duo, but since Young Thug has come into the picture, Birdman and Wayne have been nothing close to friendly with each other, as Wayne is suing Birdman and Cash Money Records for $50 million. Lil Wayne fans and “stans” have been in an uproar about Young Thug’s “Carter 6” announcement. Wayne’s daughter, Reginae, even took to Twitter to express her outrage. 

Young Thug was forced to change the name of the album to “Barter 6,” which released April 16th, due to the lawsuit, but Lil Wayne is still feeling some type of way. Wayne had quite a few choice words for Young Thug during one of his shows in Columbus, Ohio: “Carter V coming soon; ain’t no motherf–kin’ such thing as Carter 6. And anytime ya’ll book them b*tch ass n****s to come up in this motherf*cka, before they say one word, tell them, ‘Tunechi said, “Suck my d***.” Wayne obviously feels some type of way, as he should. Hopefully this feud will encourage him to go harder in the booth and give us that Wayne we’ve been longing for.