“Migos Arrested and Denied Bail”

By  Yumia Hobbs        By  Getty Images   

By Yumia Hobbs       By Getty Images  


Over the weekend, the trap rapping trio known as “Migos” were arrested while performing at Georgia Southern University’s Spring Bling Concert Saturday night. Their set was cut short after their stage manager prompted the DJ to bring the show to a halt. After a brief period of dialog with officers, Quavo and Offset were arrested for possession of OxyContin, cocaine, and codeine, along with the charges of carrying a loaded weapon within an unpermitted area. After the story broke about Migos getting arrested, another story came out just one day later stating that according to the Bulloch Sherriff Department’s database, all parties would be held without bail. Allegedly, officers of the area in which the Migos would be performing already had an agenda set for when the trio hit town. 

Of course, it’s an unfortunate situation for these young men, but instead of going to social media outlets and cursing the name of police officers, maybe they should try taking accountability for their mindless actions. It’s very difficult to have sympathy for adults who have the sense to make better decisions, but nonetheless, prayers for them and their situation.