Madonna Throws Shade at Drake

By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


It was the kiss that shocked us all, including Drake. 

Drake and Madonna made headlines a few weeks ago for their impromptu stage kiss during Drake’s performance at Coachella. 

Drake surprised his Coachella fans by inviting Madonna on stage with him. However, Drake was in for his own surprise when Madonna planted a major kiss on his lips. 

And while many people would probably loved to be kissed by Madonna, Drake wasn’t too pleased. 

Photographs of Drake looking disgusted after his kiss with Madonna surfaced the Internet prompting the “Started From the Bottom” rapper to explain his facial odd expression. 

Drake explained that his disgusted look was actually a look of surprise and happiness over his lip lock with Madonna.

So what did Madonna have to say about the kiss? 

Well, during a recent Q&A viaRomeo on Saturday night, Madonna compared kissing Drake to kissing a girl. 


When a fan asked Madonna to describe what kissing Drake felt like, she responded, "You asked the million dollar question. I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

When another fan asked Madonna to give advice to her younger self, she replied, “Don't kiss Drake. No matter how many times he begs you to.”

So far, Drake has yet to respond to Madonna’s shade fest but hopefully Drake and Madonna can work out whatever apparent tension they have going on.

Do you think Madonna was throwing shade at Drake or was she just teasing? Sound off below!