“Amber Rose Disses Kanye West”

By  Yumia Hobbs         By  Getty Images  

By Yumia Hobbs        By Getty Images 


Well, Amber Rose is still on her ex-bashing soap box. Over the course of this year, Amber has had quite a hard time letting her hurt go. She had words with Kanye’s sister-in-law, Khloe Kardashian, earlier this year on Twitter, then went back and forth with her ex-husband, rapper, Wiz Khalifa. It seems that when Amber’s name finally starts to vanish from the social media trending topic lists’, she pops right back up. This time Amber has stirred up an angry mob on Twitter after reportedly dissing her ex, Kanye, at the Supper Club in Los Angeles, claiming that Travi$ Scott was the mastermind behind all of Kanye’s work. Apparently, Amber got upset at the DJ for playing songs by all of her ex, so she stole the mic and spoke her piece:

“Stop playing n****s I used to fuck, stop, stop,” she said. “Why don’t we play the n***a who writes his songs for the other n***a….Travi$ Scott. Let’s go, he writes his songs for the other n***a…let’s go,” all whilst TraviS Scott stood behind her on stage. You can see this Amber’s mini rant below: