Kim Kardashian Finally Pregnant With Baby Boy?

By  Madison Jaye                           Photo 

By Madison Jaye                         Photo 

Is North getting a little brother?! Kim Kardashian has desperately been trying to conceive a second baby and it finally worked, according to a new report. Kim is expecting and it’s a boy!

Let the blue confetti fly! Kim Kardashian, 34, is pregnant with a baby boy, an exciting new report claims! She’s been trying everything to get pregnant — having sex with Kanye West 500 times a day and seeing countless fertility experts, but what finally did the trick?! 

“Kim stopped stressing and obsessing about it, and then — bam!,” a Kardashian insider told a Life & Style. The reality star conceived the baby boy around the time she went blonde, the magazine reported — It sounds like Kanye REALLY liked his wife’s makeover!

The news of her second pregnancy came during a hard time — Kim and Kanye aren’t exactly in an amazing place at the moment. “She feels more controlled than ever,” the insider explained. “Kanye has so many rules about everything, including security and how many bodyguards they need.”

We’re sure the two will shut out all the negative energy now that they are expecting a little bundle of joy!

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