'So You Think You Can Dance': Judge Paula Abdul On 'Impressive' Jason Derulo, Format Changes

Paula Abdul will join her old "American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe on the judges' bench at "So You Think You Can Dance," which returns to Fox on Monday night.

Season 12 of the show will feature Paula, alongside Nigel and music star Jason Derulo on the judging panel.

"I'm enjoying immensely working with [Nigel] and loving the fact that Jason Derulo is part of the panel," Paula told reporters on a conference call for "SYTYCD." "Jason, I'm a huge fan of."

Paula said the "Want to Want Me" singer is "an incredible" new judge.

"He has a lot to offer, he's an incredible songwriter, he adds the elements of currently being out there performing as an artist and it's just a great chemistry. We all get along extremely well and are having maybe a little bit too much fun at times," she said.

It was Nigel who brought Paula to the "SYTYCD" judges' bench this season after she did a stint on the Australian version of the show.

"I loved it so much," she said of the being a part of the Aussie "SYTYCD" branch. "[W]hen I came back to the states, I was approached by Nigel to do the U.S. Version, so for me it's a perfect fit, hand to glove, it's what I do and really happy to be a part of it. I love this show."

When "SYTYCD" hits the Las Vegas rounds this season, the dancers will split up into two teams -- one stage team coached by Travis Wall, and a street team with tWitch as mentor. Paula said the addition to the format should help keep the competition in Season 12 strong.

"I'm really excited about the new twist of format because we have team captains. tWitch is the team captain of the street side and Travis is the team captain of the stage side, and this time it's not about ok, the Top 20. It's the 10 best on the street side, 10 best on the stage, and it's not necessarily about equal female to male, it's whoever's the best," she said. "And I think with the two team captains there's going to be a competitive edge that we haven't seen on this show in addition to the contestants competing.

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