“Big Sean Opens Recording Studio at His Old High School"

 By  Yumia Hobbs         By  Getty Images   

By Yumia Hobbs        By Getty Images  


It’s no secret that Big Sean holds his city near and dear to his heart, as he reps his hometown (Detroit) every chance he gets. This is common for most rappers, but while other rappers are talking about how much they love the cities they come from, Big Sean is showing us all just how deep his love runs. A few months ago, Big Sean promised students at his old high school, Cass Technical High School, their own recording studio- only if they raised their ACT scores. Well, the students fulfilled their goal, so Sean fulfilled his promise. Last week, he went to his Instagram and posted a photo with the caption:

“I can't believe I used to rap at the lunch tables, slang my CD's in the hallways, and fast foward less than 10 years later I'm opening up my own recording studio at my old High School Cass Tech for the students! This brings me tears of Joy! Thank u for making this happen @adidasoriginals 📷 @zenojones”

Very commendable, Big Sean. Very commendable.