Coming off her highly successful performance at the UK Hip Hop Dance Championships, UK Singer/Songwriter and Producer Jahna Sebastian covers the summer issue of The Morgan Magazine. No stranger to hard work Jahna has been on a mission to take over the world. Jahna recently interviewed with Live FM radio in London  with dee jay extraordinaire DJ Carlos who has interviewed many artists in the past including Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, DMX, Rihanna, Usher and many more. They discussed her trials and tribulations, played her smash hits and her upcoming single "Us". 


Jahna also recently interviewed with Naughty Down 4Ever.  Check out a sample of the interview below:


How did you get started in the music industry? 

My first paid job was playing in a children’s orchestra for Christmas shows and then the second paid job was acting in a music video by a Russian rock star at the age of thirteen. I was also interviewed on MTV during the music video shoot and that was my first TV appearance. So at the age of eleven I decided to make music my career. I entered Russian Academy of Music at the age of sixteen, the same age I started performing with various bands professionally, recording, and writing original material. I graduated from Academy of Music just before I turned twenty and then I moved to London, where I established my studio and started producing for other people and myself as I did one year course in Music Production at Point Blank College. 


How would you describe your music style?

My music has evolved over time as I have been working on so many projects all my life. I am making mostly pop, R&B, hip hop, house, trap and I have done a lot of reggae. I love to have heavy bass and drums in my tunes a lot, a nice melody, I have also done dubstep in that respect as living in Croydon, London, really had that effect on me. I am a music junkie, I live and breath music, it also depends whether it’s my own project or for another artist. Either way, I like to make music that can be pop as in popular, have lyrics with some meaning and go down well in the club at the same time, hit the walls and make you move.

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