Lark Voorhies Marries a Wanted Man she Met on Facebook

 By  Anny Jules        By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules       By Getty Images  


“Saved by the Bell” alum Lark Voorhies has married Jimmy Green, an audio engineer she met on Facebook.

Lark and Jimmy tied the knot on April 30 in Las Vegas but little did she know, Jimmy is a wanted man.

Sources say Jimmy is wanted by police in Tuscon, Arizona after threatening to kill a store owner in 2012, shouting, "I'm going to break the store and kill [you].”

Jimmy was reportedly charged with making criminal threats and disorderly conduct, and then later skipped the court hearing.

Naturally, Lark’s family—specifically her mother—disapproves of Jimmy and did not attend the wedding. 

Lark’s mother has reportedly tried to dissuade her from marrying Jimmy and even suggested that she seek an annulment, but Lark is not budging. 

Jimmy reportedly told Lark about his criminal past prior to their marriage and she feels he is a changed man. 

Lark’s reps have spoken to the media and said that they are “looking into the matter”  and “are obviously concerned about these allegations.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy has also spoken to the media and says that he’s not running from the police and plans to live a happy and prosperous life with Lark. 

News of Lark’s marriage comes on the heels of her mother announcing in 2012 that Lark was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which Lark has since denied. 

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