Say what!? Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss Says he Created Erica Mena

 By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss recently said some things about his wife-to-be Erica Mena that just might  put a pause on their walk down the aisle. 

Erica recently posted an Instagram photo of herself in a very  revealing all black top and matching black jeans. 

Check out the photo here:

Erica was definitely serving face and body in the photo and while her Instagram followers flocked to the comment section to praise the former “Love and Hip Hop” star on her look, Shad posted a comment that left many with raised eyebrows. 

Shad posted a heart face emoji underneath the photo and wrote, “All Me! Top to Bottom! Look at what I created!” 

Naturally many social media users—specifically an Instagram user @hilton—questioned Shad’s comment and checked him for his chauvinistic tone which prompted another comment from Shad expressing his belief that he upgraded Erica from where she was before and is solely responsible for creating her to be the person she is today. 

Say what!?

“That's all me. Look at her from a year ago to now. She dress diff hair diff swag diff. Thats me! As a man its our job to put our women on and up so high on pedal stool they become unreachable boy! Thats what i do! I seen sumn in her NO ONE saw! Now yall JUST SEEING IT!” he wrote. 

Erica has yet to respond publicly to the controversy surrounding Shad’s comment, but Shad’s  former flame Karrine “Superhead” Steffans revealed in a recent interview with Hot 97 that she made the decision to distance herself from the rapper/actor after he began controlling who she should hang out with.

"I'll tell you something everyone puts on this front like their so hard and their so this-and-that, but these people are very emotional and very possessive and they'll run around and say that's not my girl, but they are very possessive and Shad and I fell out because [Yung] Berg and I were friends. We still are,” she revealed.

She continued, "We don't talk as often just because I'm distancing myself from a lot of people, but me and Berg are great. I talked to him recently, we're straight. But, Bow felt Berg wasn't 'famous enough' or 'rich enough' for me to hang out with and that I should only be hanging out with Bow and [Lil] Wayne and that's it, and I need to start thinking highly of myself and stop hanging with people who aren't rich or famous.”

Check out her interview here:

It’s disheartening in this day and age that there are men who feel  women are their property and they are the sole reason for their success. 

Ladies, we are the reason for our success and we determine ourfuture. Our spouses may certainly have helped us achieve our goals along the way,  but to attribute all of your success to one person discredits your strength and your abilities. Life does not begin and end with the man you’re with. 

And if we want want to get technical—-our parents created us, not our men. 

It is unclear what Erica feels about Shad’s views but we hope that she has enough sense to not succumb to his apparent chauvinistic viewpoint. 

Erica previously said that she and Shad set their wedding date for this month, but Shad revealed in a recent interview with Big Boy TV that they have yet to set a date. 

Check out the interview here:

Trouble in paradise? May be so. 

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