Vince Staples Drops “Summertime ’06” Track- list"

By  Yumia Hobbs         By  Getty Images   

By Yumia Hobbs        By Getty Images  


Shortly after revealing the cover art for his upcoming album “Summertime ’06,” Vince Staples has blessed us with the track-list. There are no features shown on the track-list, but that seems to be a trend in 2015. Apparently actually noting the features on your track-list is so 2014. The album will be short and simple with just 10 tracks. You can check out the track-list below:

1. Ramona Park Legend Pt. 12. Lift Me Up3. Norf Norf4. Birds & Bees5. Loca6. Lemme Know7. Dopeman8. Jump Off The Roof9. Señorita10. Summertime

The highly- anticipated album is set to come out on June 30th.