Emily B Reveals how she Lost her Pregnancy Weight in Two Weeks

 By  Anny Jules         By Getty Images  

By Anny Jules        By Getty Images  


Former “Love and Hip Hop” star Emily B shocked her fans when she posted a body selfie of her waist just two weeks after giving birth. 

Emily’s waist look noticeably tiny for someone who gave birth only 14 days ago and many of her followers accused her of everything from photoshopping, to wearing a waist trainer, to getting plastic surgery done to snapback to her famous coke bottle shape.

Check out the photo here: 


All the backlash and controversy prompted Emily to post a long Instagram message revealing that she actually struggled a lot during her pregnancy and lost a lot of weight while she was pregnant  which is why she is already so tiny. 

She also revealed that giving birth also came with a lot complications that were detrimental to her life.

Here’s what she wrote: 

 I really enjoyed being pregnant but what you didn't know was that I suffered from horrible nausea and I lost weight during pregnancy. I was in labor for 16 hours and wouldnt dilate past 9cm.. I pushed & pushed and shredded up my cervix. My sons heart rate dropped and his head was stuck in the birth canal so I had to get a emergency c-section-- which by then my epidural had worn off so I had to get a local spinal which numbed my esophagus! I felt like I was going to DIE! I couldn't feel myself breathing or catch my breath- I had a panic attack and had to be sedated .. I lost over 45% of my blood and had to get a blood transfusion. By the Grace of GOD I'm ok and my son is healthy. I'm stating all this to say - I lost 15lbs after spending a week in the hospital. I've only been home a week and I'm still not recovered. My incision is very low but is still filled with fluid and hurts badly.. I salute all the moms & moms to be! By far one of the toughest experiences of my life! Just wanted to share that - I know by looking at my pic post two weeks it looks like it's unrealistic but the truth is it also came from being severely anemic & dehydrated mixed with a little SnapBack lol. I will continue to work on getting healthy & in shape! Love you guys and happy healing to anyone who just went thru childbirth! 

We wish Emily a safe recovery and we hope that whatever complication she is going through, it is healed and she is back in good health! 

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