Kimbella Posts Controversial ‘Mommy-Daughter’ Instagram Photo

By  Anny Jules       By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules      By Getty Images  


“Love and Hip  Hop” star Kimbella was recently slammed by many Instagram users for posting a photo of herself and her daughter in matching silver swimsuits. 

Though Kimbella described her mommy-daughter selfie as cute while endorsing the swimsuit line Eve.Jr, her Instagram followers thought otherwise. 

In the photo, Kimbella sports a platinum sliver one piece swimsuit that shows off her curves and cleavage. 

Meanwhile, her daughter, who is reportedly six-years-old,  is wearing a bikini of the same color while pulling down her bikini bottom down near her pubic bone. 

The clearly forced “mommy-daughter” moment is captured in what appears to be a living room. 

Check out the photo here:

Seconds after posting the photo, Instagram users flocked to Kimbella’s timeline to post all kinds of nasty comments about the video model’s flick. 

Many social media users accused Kimbella of exploiting her daughter’s body and noted that there are many pedophiles on social media that are now probably taking an interest in her daughter given her suggestive pose.

Others slammed Kimbella for allowing her six-year-old to wear a two-piece bathing suit to begin with and being a bad influence on her daughter.

Though we don’t see a problem in letting your daughter wear a two-piece bathing suit, the particular photo that was used for the endorsement does appear to be problematic. A different photo could have been used so that Kimbella’s daughter isn’t shown pulling down her bottoms. 

We’re sure more than one selfie was taken at the time and there was probably another photo in the bunch that could have been used instead. It’s important to be mindful of what you post of yourself online, but it is especially crucial to be picky when it comes to kids. After all, they don’t have a say on what goes up on Instagram and what eyes see their photos. 

What are your thoughts on Kimbella’s “mommy-daughter” swimsuit photo? Was she doing too much? Sound off below!