50 Cent Disses Rick Ross and P.Diddy then Takes it Back

 By  Anny Jules        By Getty Images  

By Anny Jules       By Getty Images  


As per usual, 50 cent took to social media to diss yet another celebrity. This time, P. Diddy and Rick Ross were his victims. 

Good ol’ Fiddy posted several Instagram videos and memes to make fun of Rick Ross and P. Diddy’s recent arrests. 

Rick Ross was recently arrested on kidnapping, aggravated assault charges, and aggravated battery charges. 

50 cent caught wind of the news and posted an Instagram video making fun of Rick Ross and P.Diddy’s partnership and Ross’ alcoholic beverage Belaire. 

"You told the ni**a he couldn’t leave? I just realized why I don’t like that ni**a Puff. He gonna go bail that fat ni**a out. Nah. No more Puffy Juice. No more Belaire. Who the f**k drinks sparkling wine anyway? The sh*t is bum juice,” 50 said in the Instagram video. 

Check out the Instagram video here:  


Meanwhile, P. Diddy was also arrested for swinging a kettle bell ring at his son’s UCLA football coach and Fiddy was no holds barred when it came to making fun of P. Diddy too. 

Sources say that 50 posted several memes including one of himself counting out P. Diddy’s bail money and adding the caption “It’s all about the kettlebells baby.” 

Surprisingly enough, 50 later deleted the memes about P.Diddy’s arrest and then explained why during a recent interview. 

50 explained that he posted the memes about P.Diddy before knowing that he was arrested and charged. Once he heard the news that P. Diddy was actually  in trouble with the law, 50 took things more seriously and deleted the photos.

"When it's happening and it's like, 'What? What happened?', I'm getting it like everyone else is getting it and just making fun of the situation," 50 said. "But when it gets to him actually being charged with something, you pump the brakes a little bit and see what happens with his actual case.”

50 also said that he supports P. Diddy’s decision to attack his son’s coach  and wanting to protect his child. 

"It's not the first time a parent has gotten into an argument with a coach, and the coach particularly involved in this situation is someone that we can call, like, an asshole," he said. 

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