Jermaine Dupri Says Mariah Carey Doesn’t Take her Singing Seriously

By  Anny Jules          By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules         By Getty Images  


During a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Jermaine Dupri, who has been a long-time producer of Mariah Carey’s music,  dished on his opinion of Mariah’s recent lackluster performances. 

It’s no secret that in recent years, Mariah Carey’s performances haven’t quite been on the level as her past vocal performances. 

Many critics have slammed the multi-Grammy winner’s voice as being less powerful than it used to be. Mariah Carey, who has been known for delivering top-notch vocals, is now being scrutinized by the public for seeming to always be “pitchy” and off-tune in her recent shows. 

When asked to share his opinion on the criticism Mariah has received, Jermaine said that Mariah Carey doesn’t always take her vocal performances seriously anymore. 

“From both sides I think it’s like you in the business you have to pay attention to everything,” he explained, adding “There’s some artists out there that aren’t as serious as they are supposed to be and I think sometimes Mariah doesn’t take it as seriously as she should.”

He continued, “I think that is where the criticism comes from because people expect you to put it at a level they ain’t even suppose to be able touch. Sometimes when you don’t do that, that’s where the criticism comes from.”

But after throwing slight jabs at the pop diva, Jermaine backtracked a bit and said that the media is “a little too hard on Mariah.” 

“When you been in it [the music industry] this long, yeah, you wake up some mornings you don’t feel like putting your all into something and you feel like just because you got a name people are going to go with the flow,” he explained. “But the way the world is now, people got something to say about everything. You just have to be on your p’s and q’s at all times.”

Mariah has yet to respond to Jermaine Dupri’s criticism, but fans can go see if she takes his advice by seeing her perform for her current Las Vegas residency.

Mariah’s Las Vegas show debuts in Las Vegas on May 6, 2015. Tickets range from $55 to $250 and are on sale online or in person at The Colosseum Box Office.

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