Ne-Yo Slams Gay Rumors

By  Anny Jules          By Getty Images  

By Anny Jules         By Getty Images  


Ne-Yo recently took to Twitter on Friday June 5 to slam a recent report about his decision to come out as gay.

News Buzz Daily, a satirical news site, recently published a report claiming that Ne-Yo was inspired by Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender story and made the decision to come out as gay. 

News Buzz Daily even quoted Ne-Yo  saying that Caitlyn gave him “the inner strength to admit to my kids, my family, my friends, my fans and ultimately to myself that I am gay.” 

According to News Buzz Daily, Ne-Yo also said that he knew he was gay as a young boy but never had the courage to tell the world. 

“Watching Bruce, well Caitlyn, sit down with Dianne Sawyer on ABC really inspired me. Bruce is very brave and beautiful. As soon as he came out as transgendered, she freed herself and thats the freedom I want,” Ne-Yo allegedly said via News Buzz Daily.

Check out News Buzz Daily’s full Ne-Yo story here:

Despite News Buzz Daily’s disclaimer that it is a satirical news site, many social media users took the story at face value and began tweeting about Ne-Yo’s coming out story which prompted him to slam the rumor.

Ne-Yo tweeted, “U should all know by now not to believe everything you read. Much luv to #CaitlynJenner but I'm not on that team. Not gay folks. So sorry.”

He added, “No disrespect to the gay community or to #CaitlynJenner by the way. Live your life and be proud. I'm just not gay. We're still on this? #sad.”

This isn’t the first time that Ne-Yo has been subject to gay rumors. 

Back in 2012, Ne-Yo said that he was confused by why people constantly question his sexuality.