Are Jordin Sparks and Sage the Gemini Getting Married?

By  Anny Jules .     By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.     By Getty Images  


During a recent interview, Jordin Sparks revealed that she and her new boo Sage the Gemini are getting pretty serious. 

Though it has only been a few months since she and Sage have been dating following her split from Jason Derulo back in September, Jordin says that she could see wedding bells in her future with Sage. 

She also revealed that Sage calls her his wife even though they are not married. 

"It's very early, but I'm not the type of person who stays in a relationship if I can't see it going further than a casual relationship," Jordin said. ”I could see marriage, but we haven't really planned anything. He does call me his wife, though.”

Whoa there. 

Though we are super happy that Jordin seems to have found love again, we would caution her to slow down with this new relationship. After all, you two just started dating and getting to know each other. 

Allow yourself to get comfortable with your new boo before you start talking marriage. 

Let’s not forget that Jason Derulo once named Jordin’s persistence to get married as one of the reasons why they split. 

Have fun and enjoy this new chapter in your life Jordin! No need to rush things. 

What are your thoughts on Jordin’s new relationship with Sage the Gemini? Is she taking things too fast? Sound off below!