50 Cent Calls AT&T ‘Racist’

 By  Anny Jules .         By Getty Images  

By Anny Jules.         By Getty Images  


50 cent recently took to Instagram on Sunday, July 19 to slam AT&T for threatening to cancel the Starz network from its U-verse subscription package. 

Sources say that AT&T and Starz have been trying work out a distribution deal, but so far have come to no concrete conclusion. Therefore, if AT&T and Starz cannot work out a deal, U-verse subscribers will no longer be able to watch Starz shows such as 50 cent’s executive produced series “Power.” 

Naturally, 50 is not too pleased with this and called AT&T out this past weekend. 

He wrote on Instagram, "Man Im sorry I have to say this, but AT&T is racist they have had issues in the past and here we go again.500,000 homes will not be able to view the next episode of POWER... If your a fan of POWER and you have AT&T as a cable carrier, you will no longer see it. Switch to Anything but AT&T.”

50  then went on to reveal that AT&T’s former President Aaron Slator was fired earlier this year when racist texts were allegedly found on his phone. He also urged his followers to cancel their contracts with AT&T. 

"Change your cable package from AT&T to anything else,” he continued. "It's 2015 and these people are still racist. They are dropping all channels that are considered urban friendly. This sh!t is sad."

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