Chris Brown’s Aunt Claps Back at Wendy Williams

 By  Anny Jules.          By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.         By Getty Images  


Chris Brown’s aunt Christine Brown had some choice words for Wendy Williams following the talk show host’s diss to Christine on a recent episode of “The Wendy Show.”

Wendy recently gave her  two cents on the latest robbery at Chris’ mansion where his aunt just so happened to be at the time of the violent intrusion. 

Christine was reportedly confronted by the gunmen who invaded Chris’ home and Wendy expressed her opinion that Christine is responsible for the robbery happening in the first place.

Say what!? 

Wendy described Christine as a club hopper and suggested that Christine may have been partying at the time of the robbery which led her to allegedly open the door for the burglars to come in. 

“In my mind I”m picturing like Madea in the house frying cat fish,” said Wendy about Chris’ aunt. “But then when the show was over I said ‘you know what, how much you wanna bet the aunt was in the mix, like one of those young aunts doing it big in the club. It turns out here’s her picture. Okay?!”

“Remember this robbery happened at 3:00 in the morning, the gunmen had guns and masks over their faces […], she heard noise outside and opened the door. Who does that?!”

Naturally, Christine was not happy about Wendy’s comments and told Wendy to have several seats on Instagram. 

Chrstine explained that she had been sleeping at the time of the robbery and made it very clear that she is not a club hopper. 

Check out Christine’s full Instagram post here:

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