Fans Question the Authenticity of Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

By  Anny Jules.          By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.         By Getty Images  

  Is Kim Kardashian really pregnant?

Thats the question that many Kardashian critics and fans are asking ever since several paparazzi photos of Kim’s growing baby bump were released to the public. 

In one shot of Kim during a day outing, her baby bump appears smaller than a night shot of Kim on the same day.

Naturally, the different baby bump sizes on the same exact day sparked a lot of chatter and questioning among social media users discussing the authenticity of Kim’s pregnancy. 

Many accused Kim of faking her pregnancy for more public attention while others questioned how Kim’s belly grew so fast since she just recently announced her pregnancy. 

“how are you that big already? I swear she just got pregnant like 2-3 months ago…” one social media user tweeted. 

“Might just be me, but I swear Kim Kardashian wasn't pregnant like 2 days ago??” another one added. 

Kim Kardashian has not responded to the latest fake pregnancy rumors, but she has responded to them in the past. 

She previously tweeted, “I’m at the stage now where I wake up with a flat belly but then as I eat and by the end of the day it pops out! This means it’s about to pop.”

Check out a photo of Kim’s baby bump here:

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