Karrueche Reveals That her Father is Gay

 By  Anny Jules.        By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.       By Getty Images  


Karrueche Tran shared something very interesting and personal about her life during a recent interview with MadameNoire. 

When asked to share something unique about herself that people don’t already know, Karrueche revealed that her father is gay. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever told anybody this but my father is gay,” Karrueche revealed. “I think I never told anybody just because I don’t realize that that’s not necessarily normal. I live my life as me so it’s just like ‘oh that’s my dad.’ But when I tell people sometimes, they’re like, ‘Really? That’s kind of interesting.’” 

Karrueche then went on to say that she discovered that her father was homosexual when she was is in middle school and it never bothered or phased her. 

“I knew from like middle school, even elementary school. I knew something was different and I don’t know how I even knew what gay was, being so young,” she explained, adding, “I think when you’re younger you catch on to things and you kind of get the hang of it. I’ve just kind of always known and then as I grew older we had certain talks with my mom and it was just what it was.”

In addition to sharing the story about her father, Karrueche also brought up her past love triangle with her ex Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. 

Karrueche discussed her newfound independence since splitting from Chris and addressed the Rihanna and Chris Brown Internet trolls who continue to slam her. 

Oh brother.  

Although you claim that you no longer want to be known as “Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend” or be associated to “Rihanna,” continuously agreeing to talk about these two will only keep you in that box that you say you want to break out of. 

Sure, people will continue to ask you questions about Chris and Rih-Rih, but you can simply say “no” and move on. 

We would love to hear more about Karrueche outside of her love life and the story about her father proves that Karrueche has so much more to share with her fans. 

We applaud Karrueche for choosing to break free from he former toxic relationship. Now it’s time to officially throw in the towel and focus on talking about only YOU. 

Check out Karrueche’s MadameNoire interview here:  http://bit.ly/1LZmg3i

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