K Michelle and Azealia Banks Cancel Joint Tour

 By  Anny Jules.          By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.         By Getty Images  


….Well, more like K. Michelle made the decision to cancel their joint tour. 

On Thursday July 30, Azealia Banks took to Twitter to announce that K. Michelle had emailed her to say that she would not be able to tour as planned. 

Azealia then went on to say that with or without K. Michelle, she plans to reschedule some tour dates as this will be her first tour in the U.S.

So what caused the abrupt cancellation?

Well, before you make assumptions that Azealia and K. don’t get along, K. Michelle quickly shut down any potential rumors with a long Instagram message explaining that she and Azealia are still good friends despite the tour cancellation. 

K. Michelle blamed her busy schedule and overworking herself as the reasons for the cancellation.And though K. did not provide fans with an exact date for her tour relaunch, she did tease that fans will get to hear her musical collaboration with Azealia Banks. 

Although it’s unfortunate that K. and Azalea cancelled their tour so abruptly, it is nice to see that there is no drama between these two. Comradery among women in entertainment is so rarely seen or shown publicly, so it’s great that these two can still respect each other despite it all.

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