Khloe Kardashian Speaks on Being Deemed as the Fat Sister

 By  Yumia Hobbs .       By  Getty Images   

By Yumia Hobbs.       By Getty Images  


Khloe Kardashian (for some unknown reason) graced the cover of Complex Magazine and gave a very uncut/ explicit interview about everything from her body “transformation” to her divorce. One of the things that stuck out to most people was the fact that she spoke on how everyone has always deemed her as “the fat sister” out of all the Kardashian siblings:

"When I was married or a few years ago, I never thought I was fat. I never thought I was huge," she admitted. "I was like, 'I still look good, I'm just made to have curves or be a little bigger.' I never looked at myself as the fat sister. Sometimes I would beat people to the punch and say, 'Oh I'm the fat, funny one,' because that's what people would say about me. But I never really thought that."

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