Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Going to Name Their son Easton?

 By  Anny Jules .          By G etty Images   

By Anny Jules.          By Getty Images  


Rumor reports have been circulating that Kim and Kanye are planning to name their son Easton. Sources claim that Kim and Kanye have totally ruled out naming their baby South because of its negative undertone and went with Easton instead. 

But now new reports have surfaced that Kim and Kanye have no plans to name their son Easton and are still debating on a baby name. 

Kim is only five months pregnant at this point, so she and Kanye have a bit more time before naming the baby.

Kardashian and West’s latest baby name rumor comes on the heels of reports of social media users questioning the authenticity of Kardashian’s pregnancy.

Fans and social media users began questioning Kim’s pregnancy after several paparazzi photos of Kim’s growing baby bump were released to the public. 

In one shot of Kim during a day outing, her baby bump appears smaller than a night shot of Kim on the same day.

Naturally, the different baby bump sizes on the same exact day sparked a lot of chatter and questioning among social media users discussing the authenticity of Kim’s pregnancy. 

Following the rumors and backlash, Kardashian took to Twitter to defend her pregnancy.

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