CyHi The Prince Takes Major Shots At GOOD Music Family

 By  Yumia Hobbs.        By Getty Images  

By Yumia Hobbs.       By Getty Images  


Fellow GOOD Music member CyHi the Prince has potentially shot himself in the foot. Yesterday he released a track titled “Elephant in the Room,” where he took some major shots at Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor. CyHi went as far as to say that Kanye wouldn’t be relapsing a new album because he planned to run into Def Jam and shoot it up before kidnapping Kanye and throwing him in the trunk of his car with his mouth taped and his wrist tied up. As far as his shot at Pusha T, he says, “Okay, my nigga Pusha shit snapped. Nah, I’m lying, that shit’s crap.” Teyana Taylor apparently got a piece for…not giving a piece: “Okay, Teyana got a fat ass but she won’t let nobody in the clique tap.” Major shots may be an understatement, but what IS understood is that CyHi is quite the imbecile for biting the hand that feeds. The track was apparently out of frustration of him never being able to drop a real album since he’s been with GOOD Music, but if you have a problem in-house, you handle in-house. CyHi has been released from his contract with Def Jam, so I guess now he can take his ball and go home. Tisk-tisk, CyHi. Tisk, tisk.