Draya Michele vs. Meghan James

 By  Anny Jules.         By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.        By Getty Images  


It’s hard to keep up with the status of Draya Michele and her baller boyfriend Orlando’s relationship, but Draya just recently revealed that her and Orlando might be one the outs agin. 

In an Instagram photo that has since been deleted, but captured by the Shade Room, Draya posted a photo of her messy room after Orlando allegedly threw her stuff on the floor after a heated argument.  

Draya captioned the photo with a snarky comment in which she called Orlando a “cornball.” 

Check out the Shade Room’s screenshot of Draya’s photo here:  


As if that wasn't enough drama, Draya’s fellow “Basketball Wives LA” co-star and enemy Meghan James decided to chime in on the photo and accused Draya of using the photo as a publicity stunt.

Draya then clapped back and accused Meghan’s initiation of an Instagram beef with her was a publicity stunt in itself. 

Check out the back and forth between these two women here:  


Oh when will these women learn to get along? It’s sad to see so many women on television constantly bickering over nonsense. Whatever happened to uplifting one another?