Newest ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ Cast Member Shunned for Being Gay

By  Anny Jules.        By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules.       By Getty Images 


The second season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” hasn’t even begun and already there’s drama. 

Newest cast member Milan Christopher is reportedly being shunned by the rest of his “Love and Hip Hop” cast mates because he is gay. 

Sources say that Milan—who is a songwriter and rapper—-has complained to producers about the discrimination he is facing from other cast members. 

Some of the “L&HHH” stars allegedly refuse to appear in scenes with Milan and his boyfriend Miles because of their sexuality and because they feel he is not talented enough and on their level of fame. 

But regardless of the discrimination he’s facing, Milan and his boyfriend Miles will still be leads on the next season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” 

The show will focus on their controversial relationship within the rap game and the challenges they face when Miles’s childhood sweetheart Amber resurfaces. 

The official “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” press release reads “This season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” will explore one of the most complex relationships in franchise history. Miles, a west coast rapper, who was raised with church values bravely faces his truth, when he realizes he’s in love with Milan, an openly gay man. The struggle becomes complicated for Miles because his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Amber, is still in love with him. The season follows Miles and Milan’s difficult and emotional journey as they deal with the stigmas often associated with intimate relationships between black men in the music industry.” 

Though we commend VH1 for showcasing a different side of “love” in hip hop, something tells us that Miles and Milan’s relationship will feature lots of ratchet-ness and very little authenticity in regards to being gay in the rap game. Hopefully, we are proved wrong. 

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