Chris Brown and RiRi Back Together Again?

By  Anny Jules.            By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules.           By Getty Images  


It seems so! 

Sources claim that ever since Chris Brown and Karrueche broke up in March, Rihanna has swooped in to mend Chris’ broken heart. 

A singer by the name of Assata recently snap chatted a video saying that she caught RiRi and Chris Face timing each other and the two former lovers looked like they were back in love. 

Other sources claim that Chris Brown and Rihanna are taking things slowly and don’t want to go public with their relationship due to the drama they’ve experienced in the past. 

So when will Chris Brown and Rihanna make it official?

Well, rumor has it that the two plan to go public while touring together for Chris’ One Hell of a Nite Tour.  Rihanna is allegedly so enamored with Chris that she even wants his daughter Royalty to join them on tour. 

Say what!?

Naturally, Karrueche isn’t happy about Chris and RiRi’s reunion. We hope she doesn’t allow their alleged reconciliation throw her off her game and back into the arms of Chris. 

Oh when will this love triangle stop!? 

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