Call me Caitlyn Halloween Costume Receives MAJOR backlash

 By  Anny Jules .           By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules.           By Getty Images 


The transgender community is definitely not laughing about this latest story. 

Hollywood Toys & Costumes has created a “Call Me Caitlyn” halloween costume that many people are outraged by.

The costume reportedly comes with a padded corset, wig, and pageant sash, and is meant to poke fun at Caitlyn Jenner’s recent Vanity Fair cover where she officially came out transgender. 

Social media users have slammed the costume and company for what they perceive as mocking the transgender community.

But despite the backlash the costume has received since its debut, Derek Rogers, the manager and buyer at Hollywood Toys & Costumes says that the Call me Caitlyn costume is all in good fun and completely harmless.

“I thought it’s a perfect costume. They imitate the president. They do Michael Jackson. It’s all, anybody, anybody’s fair game,” he says.

Sources say that the Call Me Caitlyn costume has been picked up by many online retailers for $49.90.  Another online retail store Spirit Halloween has revamped the costume and is selling it for $74.99.

What are your thoughts on the Call me Caitlyn Halloween costume? Is it a harmless retail product or does is it  a form of bullying against the transgender community? Sound off below!