Viola Davis Becomes the First Black Woman to Win an Emmy for Best Lead Actress on a Drama Series

Last night, the 67th Emmy Awards aired with many surprises and firsts. Although the awards received by others were well deserved, the most special award of the night went to Viola Davis. Many won’t understand why Davis winning this award is monumental, but her acceptance speech, short but immaculately articulated, will tell you. For many years at the Emmy’s, black people as a whole have been casted out and made to settle with the fact that the Emmy’s only love African Americans when the role being played is a butler, slave, or some other type of degrading role, but this time around, Viola Davis made the sweep for not only African Americans, but African American women. What a beautiful moment to see a Black woman, articulate, talented, and educated, grace the stage as the first African American woman to win an Emmy for best lead actress on a drama series for her role in “How to Get Away with Murder,” while simultaneously highlighting all of the other black female actresses who never seem to get the props that are well-deserved. A true inspiration. Congratulations, Viola Davis!


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