Ayesha Curry Receives Backlash for Women Fashion Trends Tweet

 By:  Anny Jules  

For a while now, The Currys have successfully branded themselves as the picture perfect NBA A-list family. But this week, the first lady of the family Ayesha Curry tweeted her thoughts on the latest trends in women’s fashion that she is not so fond of. Her tweets caused quite an uproar among social media users. 


Ayesha explained that after reading a “Style Weekly” magazine, she was not impressed with the risqué fashion trends she’s observed many women sporting. Ayesha says she prefers “classy” and modest clothing over “trendy” and often revealing outfits. 




Check out some of Ayesha’s tweets below. 




While some social media users praised Ayesha for championing more reserved fashion for women, others slammed the NBA wife for shaming women who choose to flaunt their assets. 

The overwhelming backlash caused Ayesha to later post this tweetand she also received support from her husband Stephen on Instagram.

What are your thoughts on Ayesha’s opinion of risqué clothing in women’s fashion? What are your style preferences? Sound off below! 

Story From: The Hollywood Life