Toronto Councillor Urges Feds to Look Into Beyonce's Ties to Black Panthers

By Madison Jaye 

By Madison Jaye 

Despite the message behind "Formation," many Super Bowl viewers weren't pleased with Beyonce's performance as they felt she promoted violence towards police - some even plan to have an "Anti-Beyonce" rally next week in New York City. Bey has yet to comment on the backlash she's received, but she may want to speak up now that one Toronto councillor is looking to have her banned from entering Canada entirely.

Ward 39 councillor Jim Karygiannis believes Beyonce may have some sort of connection to The Black Panther Party after Sunday night's Halftime Show. "If someone wore bullets and supported (a radical group) here, they would not be welcomed in the United States — that's for sure," he stated after requesting the help of the federal government. Though he doesn't plan to ban Beyonce based off her tribute to The BPP, if he finds out her team supports them financially, "she or some of them could be found not eligible to enter the country as others in the past have faced."

Karygiannis concluded by saying "We should not be promoting gun culture or anti-police sentiments."


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