Michael Strahan Abruptly Leaves “Live”, Tensions Rise With Kelly Ripa

 By:  Anny Jules  

Well that was a surprise! 



On Tuesday, April 19, Michael Strahan announced to the world and to his “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa that he is leaving the show after 4 years. 



Michael will now be joining the cast of “Good Morning America” full-time. He previously appeared on the show twice a week. 


At first mention, it may not seem like such a big deal. However, sources claim that Kelly and her producer Gelman were not previously notified about Michael’s departure and they were left blindsided. 



Kelly is now allegedly furious with Michael and the ABC network for leaving her in the dark and she has failed to show up to work since Tuesday. 



Though Kelly’s team claims she had previously scheduled a vacation, sources close to the daytime host allege she is very upset about the sudden news and no longer wants to share the stage with Michael until he officially leaves. 





Michael is not set to leave “Live” until September. So far, ABC has brought in a series of fill-in hosts to appear with Michael until Kelly shows up for work. 


Despite the rumored tension between Kelly and Michael, he has been publicly gracious towards Kelly and thanked her for working with him during his appearance on “Good Morning America.”


Meanwhile, Kelly has remained silent about the news. 


What are your thoughts Michael’s abrupt departure and the rumored feud? Does this mark the downfall of “Live?”


Sound off below! 


Story From: CNN