Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Get Engaged

By:  Anny Jules  

On Tuesday, April 5, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to reveal that they are now engaged after only ten weeks of dating.


Now that was fast! 



Blac and Rob flaunted her stunning 7-carat diamond ring to social media but have yet to reveal a wedding date. Meanwhile, the Kardashian family—who reportedly has an ongoing beef with Blac and Rob—-have yet to respond publicly on Rob’s engagement. 



So far the only people to comment on the couple’s engagement is Kanye West, who claims that he has not been invited to the wedding, Tyga, who claims that he is happy for Blac but is concerned for the well being of their son, and Blac’s mother Tokyo Toni who says that the Kardashians will not be invited to the wedding which adds fuels to the ongoing beef between the two families. 



Despite the tension surrounding the couple’s recent engagement, they both appear to be very happy and in love from what we’ve seen on social media. Sources even claim that Blac is allegedly helping Rob lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. 



Rob and Blac’s future wedding will reportedly take place outdoors in a warm climate and Blac will reportedly wear two wedding dresses during the ceremony. She also plans to allegedly take on the Kardashian last name.



What are your thoughts on Blac and Rob’s engagement? Publicity Stunt or True Love? 


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Story From: E!, HotNewHipHop, Us Weekly, VH1