V Live Meets the Peach State

T.I., the King of the South, rapper, actor, reality star and future strip club owner is bringing V Live to the Peach State. The popular Gentlemen’s club is rumored to open later this summer in Atlanta. 

Unlike Dollar Bill, the notorious strip club owner in the movie The Player’s Club, T.I.’s method for recruiting dancers is a little unconventional. T.I. may be the first rapper to host a job fair for strippers, or as some would say, “exotic dancers.” TMZ released a video of several women waiting patiently for the chance to be on the main stage. Just in case, you missed the video circulating through the internet the video is below. 

Reportedly, 1600 women auditioned but only 100 women will get their chance at stardom. The qualifications to get the job were pretty intense: the girls had to look like Beyoncé, have a physique like Nicki Minaj and moves like Amber Rose. V Live may cause a new buzz in the peach city. How well do you think V Live will do in Atlanta? Leave your comments below.



-Krystal Ketcham

IG: @krystaldnk