Congratulations Pen Griffey

Learning that your favorite artist is getting hitched is equivalent to a breakup. The fantasies you once had about them are no longer possible.

Hearts across the country broke when The Shaderoom released a photo of Bryson Tiller bent on one knee. This can mean one thing - marriage. The man who captivated women everywhere with his lyrics to “Don’tand “Exchange” is now off the market. If someone has your soul, then it’s only right to put a ring on it.

The announcement of Tiller’s engagement shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. In an interview with Hot 97, Tiller professed his love for the mother of his child by saying, “We are not together but I am still in love with her.” In the song “Self Righteous,” Tiller expresses his thoughts on holy matrimony by saying,


“Don’t know when I’m finna wife it. I still ain’t decided. Better make up mind my quick.”
Bryson Tiller, Daughter and Fiancee', Harley

Bryson Tiller, Daughter and Fiancee', Harley


It looks like Pen Griffey’s mind is all made up. The year can’t get any better for Bryson Tiller including: a platinum album, sold out shows and now marriage!  

-Krystal Ketcham

IG: @krystakdnk