50 Cent Donates $100,000 to Autism Speaks After Shaming Teen With Autism

 By:  Anny Jules  

50 cent put his foot in his mouth this week. 


While he was at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport, he videotaped a 19-year-old employee who he perceived to be acting “strangely.” 


50 then posted the video to Instagram and proceeded to mock the teen for his “strange” behavior.



Immediately after he posted the video, social media users defended the teen and informed 50 that he has autism. Local businesses in Cincinnati also responded by boycotting 50’s events taking place in that area. 



Following the backlash, 50 deleted the video and reportedly donated 100,000 to Autism Speaks.


"I want to turn this misunderstanding into an understanding,”50 said in an official statement. "There are people that are ignored, mistreated and neglected with disabilities that need our support. Today, I have made a donation of $100,000 to this worthy cause through Autism Speaks." 


We’re glad that 50 made such a generous donation to Autism Speaks. However, we hope that his actions have not negatively affected this teen forever. Sending lots of positivity his way. 


Story From: Billboard